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Engaging our minds through learning not only provides new knowledge and capabilities, it can also help our brains to handle new challenges. Continued learning contributes to improved self-esteem, and can increase our engagement and satisfaction with life.

Moreover, learning often provides opportunities to connect with others, providing both new perspectives, and reinforce a sense of shared purpose in our professional aims as educators.

Explore these opportunities for professional learning and development.

Explore opportunities for professional learning and development.

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    Education Recovery – Professional development

    Enhance your teaching with our specialised training courses and conferences
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    Teachers' Reading Group

    A free, online discussion group exploring seminal publications in the field of literacy.
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    COVID-19 Research and Policy Observatory

    An overview of key facts, insights and developments on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on literacy.
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Explore more wellbeing support

Explore featured Teacher Wellbeing pages

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    Opportunities to meet others, share your experience and get support
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  • Teacher Wellbeing Read blue.png


    Tune out with a good audio book, book or podcast.
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    Be active

    Learn to be active in the classroom, eat well and support your physical wellbeing.
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