Building relationships with others can make a significant contribution to our mental wellbeing, helping us feel valued and developing resilience against stress.

In addition to ensuring you dedicate protected time away from work for friends and family, we recommend building connections with colleagues in school and across the wider education community. Such connections provide opportunities to gather new ideas, inspiration and energy, supporting wellbeing and helping us perform better.

  • teachers discussion

    Networks and groups to support your wellbeing

    Participating in professional networks can provide a restorative break and access to a supportive community.
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  • T-R-G-01.png

    Teachers' Reading Group

    A free, online discussion group exploring seminal publications in the field of literacy.
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  • Book group

    Setting up a book group in your school

    Benefit from exchanging ideas with colleagues while devoting time outside the classroom to enhancing your support network.
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    The Carnegie School Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Community

    Resources and network for school mental health leads
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    Tune out with a good audio book, book or podcast.
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    Take Notice

    Tools and guidance on how to pay more attention to the moment, manage your workload and change your mindset.
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  • TeacherWellbeing Be Active purple.png

    Be active

    Learn to be active in the classroom, eat well and support your physical wellbeing.
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