Be Active

Be Active

Looking after your body can help with reducing stress and anxiety, and promote a happier healthier life. Finding time to be physically active and eating more healthily can be difficult when you are busy but the benefits can be transformative.

Anything that gets you moving can help whether that be in the classroom or on your way to work.

The following activities are designed to support your being active and living healthily.

  • Fitness tips for teachers

    Fitness tips for teachers

    One of the best ways to look after yourself in this role is to make sure you take care of your fitness as well as your class.
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  • Be active in the classroom

    Being active in the classroom

    A great way of keeping active in the classroom is to join in with your students.
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  • Yoga for teachers

    Yoga for teachers

    Yoga in schools is not just for the kids, it can be of great benefit to teachers too.
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  • Healthy eating and drinking

    Healthy eating and drinking tips from the BDA

    We've teamed up with nutrition experts from BDA Work Ready (from the British Dietetic Association) to bring you tips and tools to eating and drinking healthily.
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    Opportunities for your professional development through online courses, seminars and conferences.
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    Ways to support good causes, make a difference in your community and help those less fortunate.
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    Take notice

    Tools and guidance on how to pay more attention to the moment, manage your workload and change your mindset.
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