Teacher and school staff wellbeing

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As part of our commitment to education recovery, we’re delighted to launch our Teacher and School Staff Wellbeing area in partnership with Wesleyan. This new area provides a wide range of resources, advice and events to help you recharge your batteries and lift your spirits. The Teacher and School Staff Wellbeing area includes mindfulness films, support networks to join, a wellbeing writing course, tips on being active in the classroom, and cpd opportunities.

We have curated activities in line with the five ways to wellbeing as developed by the New Economics Foundation. These evidence based public mental health messages are aimed at improving the wellbeing of the whole population. We have worked with a range of partners to ensure that our activities and resources are relevant to education professionals.

Over the next 12 months we will be adding lots more content including invitations to events with well known authors, free webinars on mindfulness and nutrition, and bite-sized training films on key literacy teaching skills. To keep to date with new things coming up please check back regularly and sign up to our newsletter.

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    Opportunities to meet others, share your experience and get support
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  • TeacherWellbeing Be Active purple.png

    Be active

    Learn to be active in the classroom, eat well and support your physical wellbeing.
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  • Teacher Wellbeing Take Notice blue.png

    Take notice

    Tools and guidance on how to pay more attention to the moment, manage your workload and change your mindset.
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  • TeacherWellbeing Learn purple.png


    Opportunities for your professional development through online courses, seminars and conferences.
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  • Teacher Wellbeing Give Blue.png


    Ways to support good causes, make a difference in your community and help those less fortunate.
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  • TeacherWellbeing Read purple.png


    Tune out with a good audio book, book or podcast.
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Resources from our partners

  • Well Schools logo

    Join the Well Schools Movement

    A growing community of like-minded professionals who believe that wellbeing should be at the heart of education
    Learn more
  • Bupa Foundation logo4

    Wellbeing for Educators

    The Bupa Foundation is working with educators to share their wellbeing expertise – it’s a free, practical, evidence-based programme which can help make a positive difference
    Learn more
  • wesleyan logo.jpg

    Wesleyan Wellbeing

    A free health assessment tool that gives you a physical and mental wellbeing score and tips on how best to improve
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For further support

  • education support.jpg

    Education support

    Mental health resources for all teachers and education staff. Includes a helpline, articles, guides, and videos to help promote wellbeing in the workplace.
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    Ten ways to support school staff wellbeing

    There’s never been a more important time to support school staff wellbeing. Here are ten ideas to support yours.
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  • tes.jpg

    Whole School Wellbeing with TES

    Expert guides, webinars, staff surveys and articles to support wellbeing across your school.
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  • mind logo.jpg


    Mind has a host of resources on how to support people living with mental health issues and find resources to be supported.
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  • action+for+happiness.png

    Action for happiness

    Action for Happiness provides opportunities to meet with local groups and meet supportive people.
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  • minds ahead.png

    Minds Ahead

    Minds Ahead provides mental health resources for the education community.
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