Parmo to the Rescue by Rachael Wong

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During lockdown Middlesbrough children joined forces with children's author Rachael Wong to create Parmo to the Rescue, a story about a cheeky sausage dog and a Boro family as they navigate life during a pandemic. You can now access this interactive story by watching videos, downloading the free book, and illustrating pictures.

Middlesbrough Reads teamed up with Rachael Wong to give children platform by framing lockdown from the experiences and perspective of young people. The story was originally told in a series of five videos over the course of a week on the Middlesbrough Reads Facebook page. Rachael invited children to suggest ideas as the plot unfolded, and after the final installment it was put together in an ebook so that children could see their ideas transformed into a part of local history.

The book is due to be published as a hardcopy featuring artwork that has been selecting following a children's illustration competition. We had over 150 entries, and we whittled it down to a final 30 illustrations - well done to Jellisha, Amelia, Ashton, Evie, Emily, Cole, Elexiss, Keironjames, Scarlett, Jack, Owen, Hollie, Libby, Leighenna, Annabelle, Manahil, James, Eboni, Kameron, Adam, Amelie, Jessie, Naila, Chelsea and Mason.

Children can still draw their own pictures by downloading the story and creating artwork in the blank spaces.

'Parmo to the Rescue', chapter 1, by Rachael Wong. 📚🐶 Every day this week, Rachael will be reading her brand new story about the Middlesbrough-based Jones family as they navigate life in lockdown. We want the children of Middlesbrough to help decide what happens next! Listen to Rachael's questions at the end of the video and comment below with your ideas ⬇️⬇️ Let us know your plot ideas by 6pm tonight, and we might include them in chapter 2 tomorrow.

Posted by Middlesbrough Reads on Monday, 18 May 2020