Take part in our Illustration competition


Middlesbrough Reads has launched a competition that gives local children a chance to have their artwork featured in a published book.

Middlesbrough children recently teamed up with children's author Rachael Wong, to create Parmo to the Rescue a story about a cheeky sausage dog and a Boro family as they navigate life in lockdown. The story was told in a series of five videos and children were given opportunities to suggest plot ideas at the end of each chapter. Rachael wrote the story to give children a platform by framing the experiences of lockdown from the perspective of young people.

After all the videos were complete, Rachael created an ebook (available as a free download here) so that children could see their ideas transformed into a part of local history. Parmo to the Rescue is now going to be published into hardcopies but there's still something missing - artwork.

So we're giving children the opportunity to illustrate the story and we'll choose winning artwork to appear in the book. You can draw, paint, sketch (pretty much anything!) to create your picture. You might want to draw a picture of all the characters, or maybe you want to illustrate a particular moment in the book; when Parmo finds the ball, George making his model, or Leila's dance video. It's up to you! You can either choose to create your illustration on a separate piece of paper or you can print out the story from the Middlesbrough Reads website and do some drawings in the booklet.

To take part, ask an adult to send a photo or scanned image of your drawing to bororeads@literacytrust.org.uk by Friday 10 July. Make sure you put your original drawing in a safe place because we'll need to borrow the originals of the winning entries for the book!

As well as having their work published, the winning illustrators will receive a signed copy of the book.

Good luck! We can't wait to see your entries.

Middlesbrough Reads Martha