Read Manchester ambassadors

Nick Sharratt

Nick Sharratt

Nick Sharratt is an award-winning illustrator and author of children's books. On becoming a Read Manchester ambassador, Nick said:

"Having spent a large chunk of my early years in Manchester I'm delighted to be supporting the Read Manchester campaign in promoting literacy throughout the city. Aside from being a hugely enjoyable activity, regular reading can open all kinds of doors in life, and if you develop a love of books as a youngster it will set you up with loads of advantages for the future. In order to spread the word to young and old alike Read Manchester has all kinds of brilliant things going over the coming months and I'm really looking forward to getting involved."

Nick's touring exhibition, Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants, came to Central Library in May 2017.

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman has been a professional artist all her life, having illustrated over 30 children's books such as Class One Farmyard Fun, Giddy Goat and Jungle Grumble.

As well as designing the Read Manchester school readiness and Enjoy Reading Together leaflets and the Manchester Library cards, Lynne has created large public murals and works as a reportage-artist, sketching life as it happens, often alongside academic researchers. Lynne also give inspirational lectures and workshops, both in the UK and abroad, for adults and in schools. She has delivered events in Beijing, Brazil, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Chicago, and Perth, Australia.

Dommy B

Dominic Berry

Dominic Berry, aka Dommy B, is an internationally award winning performance poet, actor and workshop facilitator who works with children and adults.

Alongside Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs!, Dommy B's first popular children's show, The Dragon Who Hates Poetry has toured nationally. His other work for children includes Spark, The Goblin Wizard and When Trolls Try To Eat Your Goldfish.

Dommy B's performances have enjoyed full capacity crowds from London to Glasgow, resulting in Manchester’s Flapjack Press publishing a tie-in book to accompany each of his stories.

Dominic performed at the launch of Read Manchester in March 2016 and the launch of the BookBench trail in July 2017.

Katie T

Katie Thistleton

Katie Thistleton is a TV and radio presenter, journalist and author. At the launch of Read Manchester, Katie said:
"I'm supporting Read Manchester and think it is a fantastic campaign. As a girl born and bred in Manchester who loves books, this is right up my street! I truly believe that reading stands you in great stead for your future, improving your vocabulary and knowledge without you even realising it, and relaxing the mind! Reading makes for a happy person, and if you're not a fan of it, I think you simply haven't found the right book yet! It might not be the one you're reading in school, or the one your friends like, but there is a book out there which will make you not want to do anything else but read! Let's make this the year that Manchester falls in love with reading!"

Becky Want

Becky Want

Becky Want is a presenter on BBC Radio Manchester and leads a monthly book club. On becoming a Read Manchester ambassador, she said:

"As a young girl, growing up in Manchester, everyone knew that when it came to buying me presents, it was easy. I just wanted books. If the house was quiet, no need to worry. I wasn't up to mischief, I just had my nose in a book. As a much older girl, still in my beloved Manchester, nothing much has changed, other than the books I read. Reading is incredibly powerful and has given me a huge amount of pleasure. It has transported me to far flung places, made me laugh out loud and on occasion moved me to tears. I am in awe (and very envious) of masterful writing that can evoke huge emotions, dream up incredible twists or paint the most wonderful pictures.

Through Read Manchester I hope that others will have their lives enriched by books, which sounds very grand, but it's absolutely possible. After all that's what's happened to me."