Help Mama G finish her story!

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Let us introduce you to Mama G, a family-friendly and very fun storyteller with a message of love and a celebration of diversity. She travels around the country sharing stories with anybody who wants to listen!

Mama G loves reading and writing because she knows that it’s a great way to express your true self. Did you know that reading for just 10 minutes a day is enough to improve your mood?

Mama G has written a story which takes place at Manchester Central Library. The only problem is that she hasn’t finished it! But that’s where you come in… if you’d like to finish the story, Read Manchester has some brilliant prizes for you to win. All you have to do is send your conclusion to

So here it is… This story is called The Big Book Surprise!

Ahmed wakes up on a Saturday morning to gentle sunshine coming in through his window. “Great! He thinks to himself, “It’s the perfect day to visit the library!”

He dashes downstairs into the kitchen where his little sister Mona is sitting in her high chair and their dad is filling up a backpack with pencils, a notebook for each of them and snacks. Their red book bags are propped up by the front door. “I’m one step ahead of you, Ahmed,” Dad says. “Get dressed and let’s head down to the library!”

Ahmed, Mona and Dad catch the tram at the end of their road to St. Peter’s Square. The city centre is filled with people going about their day. There are people chatting on benches, families walking their dogs and teenagers zooming around on skateboards in the sunshine. A woman in a suit dashes for the next Manchester Piccadilly train to London Euston, a group of excited football fans bundle onto the bus headed for the Etihad Stadium and a gathering of shoppers swing their shopping purchased at the Arndale Centre.

As Ahmed steps off the tram and looks up towards Central Library, he is hit by the familiar feeling of butterflies in his tummy. What book would he choose to read today?!

But hang on, why does something feel…not quite right…?

“Would you look at that!” An old man shouts.

“I don’t believe it!” A woman cries.

“I’ve never seen one of THOSE before!” Exclaims Dad, from just behind him.

Ahmed swivels round towards the Emmeline Pankhurst statue and allows his mouth to hang open in shock at what he sees. “I can’t believe my eyes!” He says…

…And that’s it! Can you complete the story? If you think you can, make sure you send your entries to with your name, age and school.

Entries can be up to 300 words and will be accepted from children up to 11 years of age. Please ask a responsible adult to help you send in your entry! The deadline for all entries is Monday 7 September.

Get creative thinking about how to end this story - you could get your hands on some brilliant prizes!