Birmingham Literacy Business Pledge

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Sign your business up to the local Business Literacy Pledge to equip young people and adults in your area with the literacy skills they need to succeed in life!

Research estimates that if every child left primary school with the reading skills they need, our economy could be more than £32.1 billion bigger by 2025. Low literacy and numeracy skills are also affecting our productivity as a nation.

Now entering its fifth year, the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge calls on UK businesses to join the national literacy campaign to help close the nation’s literacy gap and boost social mobility.

In 2020, we are considering the localised nature of the literacy challenge, which is why we have created a local pledge in Birmingham. By supporting the Birmingham Stories campaign, you could also join the national pledge.

How can my business support?

  • Engage employees - raise awareness of the importance of reading in the workplace, volunteer as a literacy champion, and sign up to our Words for Work programme.
  • Raise local literacy levels - support local schools to access our training, or fund the expansion of our local work so we can support more people.
  • Contribute to the local campaign - advocate for Brimingham Stories by sharing our messages, hosting our events and raising money and awareness in the workplace.
Download our Birmingham Literacy Business Pledge document to learn more

For more information about the Birmingham Literacy Business Pledge, please contact the Birmingham Stories Hub Manager Hari on: